Insurance Investigators & Claim Investigation Services in Japan

Our remarkable expertise is revealed through our quality Claim investigations in Japan which are meant for providing the better work of investigations to have the guaranteed solutions and perfect reports elaborated with solid evidences and major facts to reveal the frauds. Our skillful insurance investigators in Japan are quite helpful in supporting the clients in giving the solution of insurance claim related issues which involves the various fraudulent claims, scam or financial gains through deceitful processes. Presently, we are associated with majorities of companies working in the insurance sector Japan which are using our services to obtain the authenticity in verifying the claim before remittance.

Document retrieval/verification for authentication

Our insurance investigators in Japan are quite aware of the importance of the genuine documents and we take great expertise in acquiring the authentication of entire documents for the verification of claim. Under claims , the prime documents consider to be the Death certificates, accident reports, medical reports, police reports and many other documents which demands different type of authentication through verification/ retrieval , Our special niche in getting the authenticate of various documents through local authorities helped the client to protect from deception in using the fake documents.

Interviews/statements of witness

Our growing professionals to understand the importance of statements of witnesses taken up while conducting the interviews of variety of people at various source and sites. It enables us to reach to bottomed fact to reveal the site scene and prime accused in the frauds. Acquiring the statement of the involved person as well as eye witness plays the vital role in establishing the facts, evidence and vital poof to visualize the incident with available facts and findings. We also facilitate the people with different version of translated statements of witness wherever required.

Insurance Surveillance

This got to be the prime process of our insurance investigations in Japan, It is chiefly used to observe all personal accident claims where individual is shown injured, such cases we conduct up to date surveillance to reveal the fact to know whether the subject is really injured Our expertise visit to the place of accident to know the fact, it bring s our credibility in looking into the actual the matter for bring the realities before concerned authorities.

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