IP Rights Investigators & Investigation Services in Japan

Intellectual Property Investigations provide the ways to nab the entire activities taken up by the counterfeiter to destroy the eminence of real brands in the markets of Japan where our IP investigation in Japan provides the total due diligence and perfect control on the relative fraudulent activities of spreading infringements. We are associated with governmental and non -governmental organizations to keep a tab on entire counterfeiting of goods and services in this region

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

Intellectual property due diligence offer the comprehensive information of the regarding the targeted brands to get the entire secret, strategies and polices utilized by the target brands to establish in the markets. The prime activity of great ventures, partnerships, acquisition and different loan stands worthy by utilizing the effective processes of Intellectual property due diligence in different parts of Japan. Our program offer various platforms to have the excellent exposure and financial and commercial status of wide variety of brands in the IP industry of Japan which are effective for the good growth of brands

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations

Anti- counterfeiting investigation is the big drive against those entire counterfeiters in the Japan who takes a chance to establish the counterfeiting by bringing the counterfeiting products and services in the reputed market of this place. We investigate all counterfeit products which are quite common and openly sold in the local markets, retail stores or through online shopping. We put our best efforts to procure the samples through test purchase in the illegal source in market, for serving the best results to all prospective clients.

Trademark Infringement Investigations

At present, there are many area of work, where trademarks of the most of the real brands are openly challenged through infringements, and wide variety of house hold items and common products seems to manufactures by using the trademarks of the branded products, Such challenges have grimed the situation where brands owners what to protect their trademarks at all level. The present necessity of trademark infringement investigation holds prime importance in the international preview. The governments of all nations needs rule over the process by making the mandatory registration of trademark and vital norms which must be followed at all conditions to protect the registered trademarks of the country.

Copyright Violation Issues

Copy right laws are formed to check the illegal use or undesired violation of copyright of a brand owner in any case. The violation of this right is considered to be the criminal activity which is punishable and would be prosecuted legally to determine the gravity of the breach. Similarly, this law supports the brand owners by providing the compensation in lieu of infringement of their respective brands as the civil remedy. In present there are many areas where such laws are severely challenged openly at all level by the manufactures and such works goes undetected and such products flourish all the way with any fear of legal actions.

Parallel Trade Investigations

Parallel trade Investigations is the one of the prominent activity of our IP investigation services in Japan for taking a tab on the illegal activity of unauthorized sale of product and goods with the prior permission of the proprietor. This is the phenomenon of illegal sale of branded goods at very low price to meet the requirements of the people through parallel trade. Today wide varieties of products are being sold through these processes where the manufactures are experiencing the heavy losses through these works. These works are openly violating the industrial policies and free trade law made for the promotion of the brands through innovative researches.

Grey Market Investigations

Grey market is equally harmful as counterfeiting. This is also assessed as the prime activity to thrive the counterfeiters through diverted goods illegally, which in turn reduces the sales of genuine products by tarnishing the real brand. This has been one of the cursed activities to sour up the business dealing with manufacturers and business partners since manufacturing and distribution of this nature are well set to globalize the issues by increasing the problem of grey market and diverted goods even in the Japan. As a result, majority of firms in this city are experiencing threat at all level.

The prime problem of commerce of gray marketing goods is the strong chain links between manufactures and distributors where goods reaches in the market through factories additional stock or leaks in distributions. The present process to act over all these difficulties is the IP investigations in Japan quite challengingly taken up the monitor the activities at factories sales pointes and distributors works. The comprehensive checks can bring the brilliant results by curbing grey marketing practices in all the parts of Japan.

Counterfeited Automobile / Spare Parts & Pharma-Drugs Investigations

Counterfeit automobile/spare parts & Pharma Drugs have become the main area of counterfeiting where infringed good of great use in the automobile parts and pharmaceuticals are excessively violating the eminent rights trademark and copyrights with no change in the shape, design and sizes by keeping the essential aspects and attribute of maintain the fewer quality products. The enlarged counterfeiting in this trade has become the sensitive global issue in the recent years. Counterfeited Automobile parts and Pharmaceutical Drugs patent infringements has taken the big toil in the parts of Japan also where IP Investigation services in Japan can be uses to sue such counterfeiters who are taking such challenging activities to establish infringement. No doubt the counterfeits are booming in these sectors by earning more than real brand owners.

Market Surveys

Market survey is the prime activity of market research for making the people to be aware of the entire activities taking place in regard to the brand protection , management and reputation, It also offer the information about the customers interests and their opinion about the different product and services. The prime motive of theses activities are to higher note on the availability of counterfeit goods and services , extent of its uses and how it is affecting the brand valves. An effective market survey offers useful tips for optimizing the great results in curbing counterfeiting in Japan.

IP Litigation Support

Our IP investigators in Japan holds the competency to deliver the best IP litigation supports in the key factors to enable people to have the wide ranges for activities to overcome entire problems of IP, Majority of our IP litigation support for the best use of the clients are mentioned below :

Intellectual Property Valuation and Damages Analysis
Infringement and Confusion Analysis
Customs and Practices Consulting
Bankruptcy and Disposition Support

Sample /Test Purchases

The necessity of sample and test purchase is to assist the brand owners to procure the sample of the counterfeit goods or to make the law enforcement processes quite effective where attorneys use these gathered samples to recognize such source and use as the evidences to prove counterfeiting. Here, our investigators uses the tact`s to procure such samples by purchasing them from counterfeiters in Japan.

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